Monday's Senators-Bruins Game Postponed

There are times when games don't matter. Postponing a hockey game or winning a race are secondary concerns on days when tragedy is overwhelming.

We are a community brought together by a love of hockey and by love of a certain team. The Boston Marathon brings together runners and spectators from all over the world, brought together by a love of sport.

We never expect a trip to the ballpark, arena, or stadium to turn tragic. We never anticipate that something as ordinary as playing or watching a game can have such deadly consequences. We never expect the greatest achievements in sports - the finish line of a marathon - to turn into scenes of horrific mayhem.

We have seen in the past that sports should be put on hold in situations like this; sadly the tragic events of today's Boston Marathon illustrate once again where our priorities should lie on days like today. Sports will help survivors heal; sports will help the city of Boston move forward.

But today, just blow the whistle and make the jobs of real-life heroes - EMTs, firefighters, and police officers - a little bit easier during a tragedy which is still unfolding.

Postponing tonight's game between the Senators and Bruins in Boston is the right call.

In solidarity with our friends at Stanley Cup of Chowder.

For updates on the Boston Marathon situation check out the CBC's ongoing coverage.

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