Toga! Toga! Toga! Silver Seven's Roman Week: March 9-15

S7 gives you a week of bread and circuses

The staff at Silver Seven Sens are very excited to announce that next week will be our (first annual?) Roman Week.

In honour of the ascension of our new First Consul, there will be a week of revels and games celebrating the glory of the Sens Republic. There should be new Roman-themed content every day, beginning with a piece by this humble plebeian on Sunday, March 9th. New pieces will keep coming all week from S7 contributors including Peter Raayfricanus, B_Tus (et tu, B_Te?), Adnannibal, and Spartacarteciel. The fesitivities will conclude with a piece by the First Consul herself recapping the Senators' Gallic campaign on Saturday, March 15. A thousand mups will be lit that night in sacrifice to Mars.

Got a great idea for an article?  Shoot us an e-mail, or better yet, write a fanpost.  The best fanposts will be posted on the front page.

So go grab a white bedsheet and a clothespin, clear out a spot in your nearest vomitorium, and get ready for Silver Seven's Roman Week.

Are you not entertained?

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