Thursday Links, News and Notes: WJCs and Upcoming Seasons

News on the WJC hopes of two Sens prospects, and a tale of two leagues and their 2020-21 plans

  • Expect to see Tim Stützle on German’s World Junior team. If he is still with Mannheim, they don’t really have a choice - there’s an agreement in place between their league and the German Ice Hockey Federation that guarantees making players available. No official word on if the Senators would make him available if he were here instead of still in Mannheim, but their Twitter account seems on board with the idea/
  • More on Sens prospects and the WJC, Ridley Greig was listed as “Unfit to play” on the first day of Canada’s WJC camp. It was later confirmed through his agent that he had tested positive for Covid-19. He’s hoping to be able to join camp around the 22nd.
  • The ECHL’s Northeast Division is suspending play for 2020-21. That is the division that includes the Sens affiliate Brampton Beast, as well as the Adirondack Thunder (Devils), Maine Mariners (Rangers), Newfoundland Growlers (Leafs), Reading Royals (Flyers) and Worcester Railers (Islanders). Not good news for Ottawa’s goalie prospect plans.
  • Negotiations to get the NHL season underway are... not going well. The big sticking point is changes to salary deferral and escrow. Over the summer as part of the CBA extension, the players agreed to a 10% deferral for the 2020-21 season, plus 20% escrow. The league is looking to change that, proposing two different schemes that would both defer significantly more salary to next season and raise escrow for either the coming season or the back half of the CBA. The players are understandably not eager to re-visit a negotiated deal that already included Covid-related concessions for 2020-21 salaries. I’m sure a deal will get done, but I expect the PA to try to make the league work for it a bit first./

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