Thursday Links, News and Notes : Tychonick on the Move

Plus the usual Covid-19 updates, and a feel-good follow (p)up out of NYC

  • Jonny Tychonick might be on the move from the University of North Dakota. The Sens 2nd round pick from 2018 isn’t turning pro, but he is looking to change schools for next year. Tychonick has been a victim of UND’s depth on the blue line, including fellow Sens prospect Jacob Bernard-Docker, and is in search of more ice time
  • It’s not a LNN without some kind of Covid-19 update... this time it is that three more Senators players and a staff member tested positive, receiving their results yesterday. On a positive note, the team did say that all of the players and staff who required testing have received their results, and that the staff member and five players who tested positive have all recovered already/
  • This came a day after the league extended the self-isolation recommendation for players and team staff a second time. They now recommend it until April 15th
  • Not included in those numbers from the team is Gord Wilson, since he is a TSN employee rather than a Senators employee. The latest update from him is that his recovery is progressing
  • The NHL and NHLPA are giving parents access to the “Future Goals” program, a hockey themed STEM educational resource targeted at elementary and middle school kids. Some examples of the activities are “Calculating the surface area and volume of the ice” and “Examination of mass, velocity, and kinetic energy premised on player speed and game dynamics”. You can find all of the details of the program at
  • At the start of the 2018-19 season, the New York Rangers kicked off a bit of a trend in the NHL when they were the first team to have a service-puppy trainee. Here is a wonderful follow-up on how that went - he ended up being better suited as a companion dog rather than a full service dog, and has found a home that sounds like a perfect fit/

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