Thursday Links, News and Notes: Bobby Ryan, Masterton Finalist

Plus the Sensplexes in trouble, the exhibition schedule, and more

  • The Sensplexes are in financial trouble, thanks to Covid-19. The non-profit that runs them has lined up a $2m line of credit for the Bell Sensplex in Kanata, and $3m for the Richcraft Sensplex in Orleans... but on the condition that the city signs on as a guarantor.
  • ICYMI, Bobby Ryan was named as one of the three finalists for the Masterton Trophy
  • Whoops - the Maple Leafs got their wrists slapped for using NHL Refs and Linesmen during camp, while other teams do no have access to them. They didn’t really get in trouble, since they hadn’t been told they couldn’t do it (and it’s normal to do so in regular camp), just told they can’t anymore.
  • The NHL announced the match-ups for the exhibition games (or for the re-pre-season, as coined by our distinguished site’s founder, Peter Toomanyvowels) and even though they’re exhibition they might be better than the actual play-ins. The league has gone with as many rivalries for the exhibitions as they can like Pens-Flyers, Leafs-Habs and Oilers-Flames - and that’s just the first day. It all starts July 28th, with the play-in and round robin games starting on August 1st.
  • A preview of what’s to come for the NHL? Down in Orlando, the NBA already has two players caught breaking the bubble. The MLS, also in Orlando, has had a number of matches re-scheduled due to positive and inconclusive tests, and are regretting not pushing for a 14 day in-bubble quarantine instead of seven days before play started. The NHL teams will enter the bubbles only two days before the exhibition games are supposed to be played./

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