Thursday Links, News and Notes: A whole lot of hockey

Also how to make (crowd) noise, and a new Sens Foundation

  • The opening game of the round between the Lightning and Blue Jackets is the fourth longest game in NHL history, and took a whopping 6 hours and 13 minutes from puck drop to final buzzer. It was also the league’s scheduling nightmare scenario, going so long that it didn’t just push back the start of the next game in Toronto but outright pushed it to the next day. Of course THAT game went to double overtime and pushed the next game back as well...
  • ESPN has a great look into what goes into the artificial crowd noise for the games. A lot of work has gone into the setup, but it comes down to just two guys (one in each bubble) to make it all sound natural
  • Pop quiz, hot shot. A hand pass winds up under your goalie’s glove, before getting knocked loose and onto the stick of a player who then scores. WHAT DO YOU DO? Challenge obviously, but you’ve got to pick one - the hand pass, or the goalie having control. Rod Brind’Amour chose incorrectly yesterday, and was not happy with having to make that choice blind. His post-game comments wound up costing him $25,000
  • With the split between the Senators and the form Sens Foundation being complete at the start of the month, the team has announced their new charitable organisation - the Senators Community Foundation. It is being headed up by Chris Phillips in the Executive Director role, and the goal is to support other charities such as CHEO, Roger Neilson House and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ottawa
  • Watch the second lottery on Monday night? While Lafreniere going to the Rangers isn’t ideal (go west, young man), it was very close to being so much worse with the Leafs ping pong ball basically ringing it off both posts and out right before the Rangers ball went in. Sit back and enjoy all of the slow motion videos of the Leafs missing out/

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