This Amelnykan Life, Ep 21: Enemy of the Stool

Will hockey ever let me finish my thesis?

A new NHL season brings with it a new intro for the show, and a new opportunity to dunk on Tony DeAngelo! Join us as we walk you through the highs and lows (mostly lows) of the first two weeks of the Sens’ season, drop some hot coaching takes, and show our appreciation for the mascot that has done more to grow the game than Barstool has!

Then we switch gears to talk about our newfound love for the Toronto Six, and ask such questions as: is Erika Nardini the ultimate girlboss? Is harassing everyone who calls you racist an effective strategy for proving you’re not racist? And of course, will hockey ever let Beata finish her thesis?

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Our music is by Stefan Reinholdt.

Our artwork is by Lena Nove and Angus Fitzgerald-Clark.

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