This Amelnykan Life, Ep. 20: Slidet in unsere DMs

We’re here to provide the only season preview you’ll ever need!

The 2021 NHL season is finally upon us, and as your most trusted source of Senators news and analysis, we’re here to provide the only season preview you’ll ever need. In this episode, we answer the burning questions you never even thought to ask, such as: how much German will Brady Tkachuk learn over the course of this season? Did Mark Stone consent to having his house overrun by Brady’s friends? Why didn’t the NHL allow Tony DeAngelo to be sponsored by Olive Garden? And of course, is it possible to manifest a Colin White career season by putting him on your fantasy team?

We also weigh in on Umlaut Gate, and I try out my German skills. Tim Stützle, if you’re reading this, come on the podcast.

The music this week was gladstone avenue by fisher park off the Bytown Tapes.

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