This Amelnykan Life, Episode 12: Sorry If This Offends

This Amelnykan Life is back on Silver Seven!

Yes, at long last I have returned to Canada and to Silver Seven Sens, and so has my podcast!

After a too-long hiatus and a few technical difficulties, This Amelnykan Life is back, and now sharing an RSS feed with the Cost Per Pointcast on the Silver Seven network.

In this second episode since our return, we’re taking a more serious tone, with a discussion about hockey’s importance to Canadian culture and the role that players need to take in dismantling systemic racism. Then we turn the tide with a fun breakdown of what the Sens players have been up to on social media, and give our thoughts about the NHL’s plan to resume play.

Our music this week is The Search by Tariq Anwar. You can find this and all of his music at Contact us on Twitter @coolcatmum and @CBeataE or email us Our artwork is by Lena Nove and Angus Fitzgerald-Clark.

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