The Uncertain Future of Silver Seven

Some Bad News

There is no easy way to say this, but the future of our site has been thrust into uncertainty. On Friday morning, Vox CEO Jim Bankoff announced major lay-offs at the company. The SB Nation hockey vertical has effectively been “de-monetized”, i.e they will no longer be paying the staff of most sites — including ours. Our contracts expire at the end of February.

The communications that I have received from our corporate overlords is sparse on the details of what will happen at the end of February. I wish I had something more that I could tell the community, but this is the situation as we know it. We will continue to operate as close to normal as possible for the next six weeks, and when we know more we will share it with you all.

If it is possible, we will continue to operate the site in some capacity. We have always been motivated by our love of this team, and this community, much more so than the (extremely) small stipend that SB Nation afforded us.

Talk soon.


Silver Seven

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