The Senators need some artwork

This weekly question asks what form the Sens version of a common stadium piece of art should take.

There's something missing at the Canadian Tire Centre.

OK, there are lots of things missing at the CTC. It was one thought in particular that struck me recently, though- the arena needs a prominent statue.

The question is not if there should be a statue, but what the statue should be. There are a few different ways to go with that.

"The Player"

This is the most straight forward and most common option. These are statues that celebrate the overall achievements of that player for that franchise. Montréal has the statue of Maurice Richard outside of the Bell Centre. There's the Mario Lemieux statue in Pittsburgh, Gretzky statues in Edmonton and Los Angeles, Gordie Howe in Detroit... the list could go on.

The natural choice for this in Ottawa would be Alfie, though it might be a bit too soon for that - if they want to go this route, maybe at least wait for the ink on his one day contract to dry.

"The Play"

Rather than celebrate a player's career, these statues are all about one specific moment in franchise history. The most obvious example is Boston's statue of "the flight" - Bobby Orr's overtime 1970 Stanley Cup winning goal. Another example is Philadelphia's statue of Gary Dornhoefer's overtime goal from the first round of the 1973 playoffs.

Senators equivalent? Alfredsson's goal that sent the team to the finals is the prime candidate in my mind, though you could make a case for Steve Duchesne's goal that sent the team to the playoffs for the first time, or "the hit" if you're feeling trollish.

"The Builder"

Some teams went with off-ice subjects for a statue. Tampa has a statue of Phil Esposito, who was part of the franchise bid and served as the Lightning GM until 1998. Vancouver has Roger Neilson waving the white flag (which could also go under "The Play", I suppose).

My suggestion for this type of statue? Frank Finnigan. He played a big PR role in Ottawa's franchise bid, in addition to his on-ice years with the original Senators franchise. Though with our luck, we'd get a statue of Melnyk instead.

"The Ensemble"

Hockey is a team sport, so why honour just one player when you can honour a group? Buffalo has a statue honouring the "French Connection" line of Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert, and Philly has Bernie Parent and Bobby Clarke lifting Cup in 1974. This type of statue doesn't necessarily need to be a line or pairing that played together - Chicago's 75th Anniversary statue has six generic players, each dressed as from a different era of the team's history (with the name of every player from their first 75 years engraved on the back) and the Maple Leafs now have "Legend's Row", a statue that will eventually depict a bench full of former Toronto greats.

Tough to come up with a good one for Ottawa to fit this mould - perhaps one of all of the Captains? Yes, even Yashin.

"The... Other"

These are the ones that are just different from the others. Minnesota has a statue of Herb Brooks. He had nothing to do with the Wild franchise, but he did coach the North Stars and was from St. Paul. Anaheim had a full size statue of their mascot until 2012. The Flyers had a statue of Kate Smith outside of their last arena, who's rendition of "God Bless America" they have used in place of the Star Spangled Banner a number of times over the decades. The Devils have a 22-foot tall stainless steel generic hockey player outside their home.

So many options for the Senators - Spartacat? Lyndon Slewidge? The Spartan? Just checking that you were still paying attention. I think for this I'd go with a nice statue of some excited fans heading towards the entrance.

So which type should the Senators go with for their first arena statue? Vote, and then share any specific suggestions beyond the type in the comments!

What kind of statue should the Senators add to the arena?

The Player63
The Play17
The Builder10
The Ensemble16
No statue33

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