The Lehner Painting

I finished my latest painting early this morning and thought I would share it with the Silver Seven family. It's a painting of Senators goaltender Robin Lehner and it's based on a photo taken earlier this season as Lehner waits during the national anthem (from a game against the Canadiens). It's also the first time I've tried to paint the black heritage jersey, which went better than I expected. However, painting the mesh was tedious.


The Lehner. 24" x 30", watercolour on paper.

A recap of Senators art from 2013:


Karlsson 2. 18" x 24", watercolour on paper.


Goodbye, Alfie. 18" x 24", pencil on paper.


Phillips. 18" x 20", watercolour on paper.


Karlsson 1. 13" x 19", pencil on paper.

Want to see more? Check out my full gallery of Sens drawings and paintings at as well as the full selection of artwork of players from around the NHL. Thanks for looking!

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