The coup is complete: Mark Parisi usurps the Silver Seven Throne


We usually try to keep the focus of our posts here at Silver Seven on hockey and the Ottawa Senators, but sometimes we've got to make some administrative announcements, as well. This is one of those times!

I'm extremely pleased to announce that Mark Parisi has become the new Community Manager of the Silver Seven community. Mark's been an integral part of the community for most of its existence, and his contributions in the posts and comments have really set the tone for the open, constructive, and most of all fun nature that this community's become. I'm excited to see where Silver Seven goes under Mark's guiding hand, and extremely confident that his leadership will get the site to new heights.

Meanwhile, I (Peter Raaymakers, outgoing Community Manager) will still be around here and there, but I haven't got enough time to keep up with the day-to-day responsibilities of the position. I'll also still be manning the Twitter account, because Parisi hates Twitter.

Without further ado, however, please join me in congratulating Mark Parisi on the promotion, and offering him a big thank-you for agreeing to take the position on.

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