The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast - Episode 27

We look ahead to 2016... by looking back to 2015!


Life comes at you fast - one minute it's 2015 and the Senators are in the playoff spot; the next minute it's 2016 and they aren't! Or say you're Jared Cowen - one minute you have a job, and then some Swedish guy takes it! Should you read anything into it, or just keep playing your game?

After a brutal December, we look back on 2015 trying to figure out what the second half of the season holds for the Ottawa Senators. Does Jared Cowen's benching portend more sensible lineup decisions? Is Clarke MacArthur ever coming back? Can the Senators save their season the same way they did last year . . . with Andrew Hammond? Or is the only thing to look forward to calling up Thomas Chabot and Colin White?

So many questions, and we've got the answers! And remember, if you like the show, check out our archives and subscribe via RSS or iTunes!

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