That's What She Said: New Show on TSN 1200

TSN 1200 launches a brand new show with hosts Michaela Schreiter and Shaila Anwar!

If you listened to Advanced Chats on Sunday morning, you probably heard about the new show airing Sunday mornings on TSN 1200: That's What She Said. The show will be hosted by Michaela Schreiter (that's me!) and Shaila Anwar. You may also know us as @Schreids and @Fffeisty on Twitter. It will air at 9 a.m. this coming Sunday and 10 a.m. every Sunday after that (right after Advanced Chats).

Shaila and I joined Ian Mendes on Advanced Chats back in December to talk about the challenges that female sports fan face (and the Sens, of course). After that, Ian went to work trying to get us a regular show on TSN 1200. He and John Rodenberg made it a priority to bring more female voices to the station. And after hearing us on the show in December, they both did so much to make sure this actually happened.

The response from many of you on Twitter has been absolutely incredible. It really means a lot that so many of you are as excited for the show as we are, and I hope you enjoy it!

I can't thank Ian and John enough for giving us both the opportunity to share our perspectives and opinions on the Sens and hockey in general. If you would like to listen to the show, tune into TSN 1200 on Sunday mornings or stay tuned to Twitter for the link to the online show.

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