Team Canada Contemplation Station

Now that you've finished reading Amelia's enthralling latest installment of Senators by the Numbers, it's time for other things.

All right, look: As an American, I can't pretend to care about Canada's Olympic Hockey team. You guys are cute, though. You're like Dirk Diggler with your one special thing. It'd be like me gloating over the US winning Olympic gold in American football every four years. And you're not even that good at it anymore--just look at the World Juniors tournament.


But seriously, If Team USA can't even figure out that it might be a good idea to put BOBBY FRIGGIN' RYAN on their team, I can't even imagine what kind of snubs (besides Jason Spezza) are going to come from building a team when you have too much talent and not enough spots.

So, discuss here.

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