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Sterling Predictions

Sterling Predictions: Special Teams

It’s time for this question for the 600th year in a row

Sterling Predictions: Goaltending

Who will get the starts this year?

Sterling Predictions: Rookies

How many rookies will find their way onto the team this season

Sterling Predictions Re-Visited: Part 4

Our final look back at our incorrect predictions

Sterling Predictions Re-Visited: Part 3

Looking back on the lead point-getter and the first trade

Sterling Predictions Re-Visited: Part 2

Looking back at Bobby Ryan’s point totals

Sterling Predictions Re-visited: Part 1

In Part 1 of the series, the Silver Seven Sens staff re-visit their pre-season predictions

Sterling Predictions: Senators Record

Will the Sens make the playoffs?

Sterling Predictions: Trades

Who will be the first Senator traded?

Sterling Predictions: Points Leader

Sterling Predictions: Goals

Who will lead the team in goal scoring?

Sterling Predictions: Bobby Ryan

Will the winger get back to 40 points this year?

Sterling Predictions 2017: Bubble d-men

Who will play the most out of Ottawa’s potential third-pairing players?

Sterling Predictions 2017: Pageau vs. Brassard

Who will score more points?

Sterling Predictions: Final Record

How will the Sens do on the season?

Sterling Predictions: Trades

Who will be the first player traded?

Sterling Predictions: Scoring Leader

Who will lead the Sens in points?

Sterling Predictions: Claesson vs. Borowiecki

Will Claesson get to play? Will Borowiecki get scratched?

Sterling Predictions: Smith vs. Pageau

Which presumptive third-liner will score more goals?

Sterling Predictions: Special Teams

Will the Sens continue their struggles on the PP and PK?

Sterling Predictions: Mike Hoffman

Predicting if the sniper can build on last year’s impressive total

Sterling Predictions: Shots Allowed

Will the Sens be the league’s worst team at shot prevention again?

Sterling Predictions: Turris vs. Brassard

We begin our set of predictions looking at the team’s top two centres

Sterling Predictions Revisited

We take a look back at our preseason expectations for the Sens.

Sterling Predictions: Ottawa's Record

In the final installment of predictions, the staff try to guess Ottawa's final record.

Sterling Predictions: Biggest Surprise

Looking at who will surprise both positively and negatively this Sens season.

Sterling Predictions: Cowen vs. Wideman

The staff predict which is more likely: Cowen playing 60 games, or Wideman playing 30.

Sterling Predictions: Shots Allowed

Will Ottawa improve defensively this year?

Sterling Predictions: Trades

Our staff predict the first Sens player who will get traded this season.

Sterling Predictions: Hoffman vs. Ryan

The staff predict who will score more goals between Mike Hoffman and Bobby Ryan.

Sterling Predictions: Scoring Leader

The fourth set of predictions by the Silver Seven staff.

Sterling Predictions: Mark Stone

The staff continue their predictions for the upcoming season.


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