Sterling Predictions: Zack Smith or Patrick Wiercioch?

The third in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks who will record more points, Zack Smith or Patrick Wiercioch?

Who will score more points this season, Zack Smith or Patrick Wiercioch? Bonus: how many games with Wiercioch play for Ottawa this season?

Mrs. O: Patrick Wiercioch will score more points this season and will play in 67 games.

Sheer Craziness: Patty W won last year by a point, and he will get more games this year, with lots more power play time, and maybe even the chance to play with EK65. Patty W should win this battle again. I think he will find his way into 70 games.

Peter: Since Wiercioch outscored Z. Smith last year, I expect him to do the same this year. I hope PW plays 82 games, but I'll guess he plays 58.

Ian: Wiercioch will put up more points than Smith while playing in 65 games. He'll hopefully be able to benefit from being lined up beside Karlsson on the top power play unit.

B_T: Wiercioch will put up more points. I think he sees 62 games.

Michaela: Patrick Wiercioch will get more points than Zack Smith, because... Zack Smith. Wiercioch knows he has something to prove this season, so I expect him to play a lot better (which is saying a lot). I wouldn't be surprised to see him dress for all 82 games, barring injury.

Adnan: Patrick Wiercioch will score more points this season. He will play 65 games.

Nkb: Wiercioch will put up more points than Smith, going for 38 while playing in 78 games. Unfortunately the majority of those games won't be for Ottawa as he'll be traded 20 games into the season after getting off to a "slow start".

Amelia: Smith will get two more points than Wiercioch. The Silver Seven prediction equivalent of betting one dollar on the Price Is Right. Wiercioch will play in 55 games.

Ary: I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows that I'm a big Wiercioch believer, so I think that he'll score more points than Zack Smith this year. Smith didn't rank among the top 120 centres in terms of points/60, and although a lot of that can be attributed to playing with Greening and Neil, I still don't see that much offense in him (~25 points), although playing with talented players like Hoffman and Stone could help. Wiercioch, on the other hand, will hopefully get more minutes this year, including PP time, where he ranks among the best defensemen in terms of 5v4 points/60, and thus, I see him around 30-35 points (he had 23 in 53 games during his "bad" season).

Who will score more points in 2014-15, Zack Smith or Patrick Wiercioch?

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