Sterling Predictions: The Big Finish

This year's Prediction Panel, where the Silver Seven staff blatantly attempt to make guessing look like foresight, continues!

We've almost come to the end of this year's illustrious prediction panel, which means it's time to start phoning it in with easy questions. No complicated goalie math today. Just the quintessence of faith. It's time to ask ourselves what we believe. There's no hiding the truth about our feelings with this question. The answer will reveal them whether we want it to or not.

Where will the Senators finish the regular season in the standings?

Amelia: Well, Bobby Ryan is scoring 72 goals so we're winning the division.

Mark: Amelia's right. First in the Atlantic and second overall within the conference.

Adnan: The Senators will finish second in the Atlantic Division.

Bonk's Mullet: 2nd in the division, 3rd in the East, and 7th in the league. 1st in our hearts.

Peter: They'll finish first in the Atlantic Division, by a hair.

Ryan (On a pillaging break): Second in the Flortheast Division.

Dave: Third in the Atlantic division, 6th in the East.

Darren: 3rd in the Atlantic, 5th in the East.

Tomorrow hockey returns, and we have just one thing left talk about in the prediction panel before we can put this nightmare summer behind us.

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