Sterling Predictions: Prince and Puempel

The second of our staff's attempts at predicting the upcoming Sens season.

Both Shane Prince and Matt Puempel got a shot at NHL action last year. Which will play more NHL games this year? Bonus: how many games will each get?

Trevor: Although Puempel played a bit more than Prince last year, I think Prince's game translates better to the NHL. He should make the team right away so I'll say he plays more than Puempel. Prince: 62 GP. Puempel: 44 GP.

Ary: I really hope Shane Prince gets more NHL games this year, as he had a far better season in Binghamton, brings a more complete game, and has a better track record of production than Matt Puempel (although the team likes the grit of the latter). I’m going to do with 70 for Prince and 44 for Puempel, as he gets the first call-up when a forward gets injured.

Peter: Pretty tough to know, but I'll guess Shane Prince... Prince might play 15 games, and Puempel maybe six.

Richard: It should be Prince as he strikes me as someone who is bettered suited to slot in with the bottom six and I feel like that’s where we’ll need more competent help after the departure of Condra. I could definitely see Prince playing comfortably and meshing well with Lazar and Pageau. I still think Puempel sees some time with the big club, but not in nearly as consistent a capacity. I think 17 games for Puempel, 58 for Prince.
Ross: I'd say Prince gets more. Prince will find his way into 45 games, while Puempel will only play in 22.

Callum: Even though he played less games last year, Shane Prince excited me and impressed me the most out of the two. His ability to see the play was what set him above Matt Puempel and something happened every time he was on the ice. Prince will play 20 and Puempel 11.

Michaela: Although Puempel has played more NHL games so far, I think Prince will get more games this season. His AHL numbers from last season are a little more impressive. His need to clear waivers now might also have an effect on what the team decides to do with him. I think Prince will play 40 games, Puempel will play 18.

Ian: Both Prince and Puempel will definitely see games. I think Prince will play in 45 games and Puempel will play 10.

B_T: I think Prince will play more, between his waiver status and I think he's just more NHL-ready. Prince will play 57 games, Puempel will play 22.

Adnan: My completely arbitrary prediction is that Prince will play 32 games and Puempel will play 6.

Who will play more NHL games?

Shane Prince229
Matt Puempel27
They will play an equal number13

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