Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions, Part 1: Scoring and

We look to the past to help predict the future!

Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions, Part 1: Scoring and
Photo by Hadija / Unsplash

At the start of every new NHL season, the staff here at Silver Seven sit down and make some predictions about what's ahead. It's always fun at the end of the year to look back and see what we got right, and what we got wrong. Join us in the comments below with your own prognostications!

In the first installment of our Sterling Predictions series, I put the following question to the staff:

Who will lead the Ottawa Senators in total points this year? Will anyone crack 100? And, for a bonus point, who will be the leading scorer among defensemen?

Ross: I'm going to be boring and say Stützle leads the Sens in points, but he tops out at 95. Chychrun might be the new hotness, but k Chabot will lead defencemen in scoring with 43 points.

Spencer: Yeah, it's definitely going to be Timmy and I see him reaching 101 points. For D, I'm going to say Artem Zub – ok just kidding. Both Chychrun and Chabot are up for big years having each other, and Sanderson, to reduce minutes. They both crack 50 points, but Chychrun leads the way with 57.

Beata: Tim Stützle will lead the team in scoring, and I'm going to be extra bold and say that both he and Brady Tkachuk crack 100 points. On the backend, Thomas Chabot will lead the defenseman in points.

Though, I should probably add to my prediction that the reason I think Chabot and not Chychrun will lead the defense in points is because I think Chabot will be healthy for a full season and Chychrun won't be.

Shaan: I mean it's obviously going to be Stützle, right? I'll guess 96 points for him, with Chabot leading the d-corps with a career-high 58.

Ary: Tim Stützle with 93 points, Thomas Chabot for defenders with 56 points. I think PP1 will be cooking with gas all season long.

Nada: It's most certainly going to be Tim Stützle, and both he and Brady Tkachuk will crack the 100 points mark; 108 and 107 points to be more specific. While I have a feeling Jake Sanderson may exceed all expectations this season when it comes to his points totals, I'm still going to go with Chycrun to take the scoring crown among Sens defensemen with 60 points.

Trevor: Tim Stützle leads the team in points as he gets exactly 100 on the season. People are sleeping on Chabot and how good he is offensively, so if he’s healthy I say he ends up with 51 points to lead the way.

Owen: I know better than to bet against Tim Stützle. 100 points for Tim and 60 points for Thomas Chabot to lead defence.

nkb: Barring injury, it's hard to see how anyone but Stützle leads the team in scoring so I'll stick with him but I'm going to get optimistic and say Stützle goes for 107 and Brady gets 100 on the button. Is this preseason delirium talking? Maybe, but like Ary I believe the power play is going to score at an elite level this year and those two are maybe its biggest drivers.

As for the defensemen, I'm actually going to predict that Chychrun stays healthy and leads the team with 58 points, barely edging Chabot's 55. This team is going to score a lot of goals!

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