Sterling Predictions: Ottawa's Record

The eighth in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks where Ottawa will finish at the end of the season.

What will Ottawa's record be in 2014-15? In what place will the Senators finish?

Mrs. O: Senators record will be 40-28-14 and will finish 10th in the East.

Sheer Craziness: The Sens will finish with a 41-33-8 record, good enough for 9th in the East, and just shy of the final wild card spot. Can you tell I'm a realist by nature?

Peter: Ugh I hate doing things like this because I inevitably look like a jackass and end up disappointed, but... let's say 40-27-15, good for 95 points and the second wild card playoff spot.

Ian: Ottawa will finish with a 42-30-10 record for 94 points and squeak into the last wild card spot.

B_T: 41-30-11. 16th overall and enough for the last wild card.

Michaela: 40-29-13. Good enough to just squeak into the playoffs with the second wild card spot.

Adnan: Ottawa will finish 42-32-8 and claim the last wild card spot.

Nkb: The Senators will surprise many and, on the back of a resurgent Robin Lehner, claw their way to a 43-30-9, good for 95 points and second (!!) in the division.

Ary: I think the Senators will finish with a record of 41-33-8 and grab one of the wild card spots with 90 points.

Amelia: 43-29-10. Third in the Atlantic Division. Sure, why not.

How many points will the Senators finish with in 2014-15?

Below 8015

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