Sterling Predictions: Ottawa's Record

In the final installment of predictions, the staff try to guess Ottawa's final record.

Finally, the biggest question. Where will Ottawa finish in the division and conference? Bonus: what will be the team's final record? (Half marks for getting the right number of points with the wrong record)

Trevor: Ottawa will finish 3rd in the division, and 6th in the Eastern Conference, as they edge out Montreal for a non-wildcard spot. Record: 45-26-11 (101 pts).

Ary: I think Ottawa finishes third in the division as well (under Tampa and Detroit but just ahead of Montreal and Boston). 46-24-12 for 104 points

Peter: I want to predict a playoff spot, so I will say they finish fourth in the division and in the final wild card spot thank to a 39-27-16 record (94 points)

Richard: Tampa is going to be really good, but Boston, Montreal and Detroit could all be at least a little bit worse than they were last season. Ottawa will finish Third in the division and 6th in the conference with 100 points and a record of 44-26-12

Ross: I pick the Sens finish fourth in the division, good enough for the first Wild Card spot. Tampa, Montreal, and Florida will finish ahead of Ottawa, while Detroit will snag the final Wild Card. The Metropolitan is full of good teams, so they'll all beat each other up and prevent themselves from snagging either Wild Card. Ottawa will finish with 97 points, from a record of 43-28-11.

Callum: I hope I’m wrong here. I think the Senators will miss out on a playoff spot, but by the smallest of margins. I’ll go with a record of 39-29-14 for a total of 92 points.

Michaela: Much like last year, I think the Sens will finish fourth in the division, and grab the last wild card spot. 42-26-14 (98 points).

Ian: The Sens will finish third in the division with a record of 46-26-10 for 102 points.

B_T: 4th in the division, 8th in the conference. 97 points and a 44-29-9 record.

Adnan: Ottawa will finish third in the division and sixth in the conference with a 42-28-12 record for 96 points.

Where will Ottawa finish the season?

First in the Atlantic21
2nd or 3rd in the division124
One of the wild card spots106
Outside the playoffs37

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