Sterling Predictions: Scoring Leader

The fourth set of predictions by the Silver Seven staff.

Last year, Erik Karlsson led the team with 66 points. Who will lead the team this year in points? Bonus: how many will they score?

Trevor: It's hard to pick anyone else besides Karlsson to lead the team in points. He's simply their best offensive player, even better than the forwards. Playing with a competent Marc Methot all season will help a lot, so I'll say he reaches 75 points.

Ary: As long as Erik Karlsson is an Ottawa Senator, he will lead the team in points. I’m going to shoot for the moon and go with 82 :)

Peter: Kyle Turris with 68 points.

Richard: Mark Stone with 73, but it will be a very tight, multi-horse race.

Ross: Though I picked Stone for 72 points, I'm gonna say Karlsson still leads the team with 75. And that'll be easily enough to lead all defencemen in the league.

Callum: Erik Karlsson will lead the team with 81 points.

Michaela: Erik Karlsson will lead the team in points with 75 points

Ian: Karlsson will again lead the team with 80 points.

B_T: Karlsson, 78 points.

Adnan: It is hard to ever go with anyone except Erik Karlsson on this team. He will lead the team with 82 points.

Who will lead the Sens in points?

Erik Karlsson237
Mark Stone44
Kyle Turris14
Bobby Ryan26

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