Sterling Predictions: Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, Curtis Lazar

The fourth in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks who will score more goals, Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, or Curtis Lazar?

Who will score more goals: Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, or Curtis Lazar? Bonus: how many will each player score?

Mrs. O: Mark Stone will score the most.

Stone = 17

Hoffman = 9

Lazar = none in the NHL, lots in the WHL

Sheer Craziness: I'm going with (what I think is) the sleeper pick here and taking Hoffman. Hoffman will finish the season with 19 goals, Stone will score 16, and Lazar will get 1 in his nine-game audition before returning to Edmonton.

Peter: Stone: 14; Hoffman: 8; Lazar: 0.

Ian: Stone will pot the most goals of the bunch with 18, followed by Hoffman with 11, and then Lazar will get one in his 9-game extended try-out before being sent back to junior.

B_T: Tough one. Gotta go with Stone. I think Stone gets 8, Hoffman 5 and Lazar 2. Michaela: Mark Stone will outscore Hoffman and Lazar.

Stone: 17

Hoffman: 12

Lazar: 1 (during his nine-game audition)

Adnan: Mark Stone will score 12 goals, Mike Hoffman will score 15, Curtis Lazar will score 0.

Nkb: Both Stone and Hoffman will be pleasant surprises (foreshadowing!), going for 20 and 16 goals apiece. Lazar will get his full nine game audition during which he's score two goals. Many people will clamour for him to stay with the big club instead of going back to juniors.


Curtis Lazar: 22

Mark Stone: 14

Mike Hoffman: 9

Each player will have at least one hat trick.

Ary: I'm going to go with Stone, mainly because I think he'll get the biggest opportunity and the most ice-time, though I do think that Hoffman has the better shot. I'm going to say that the former Wheat King star will pot 18 goals this year, with Hoffman scoring 13, and Lazar scoring 2 during his 9 game NHL stint. I really hope that Mike Hoffman gets an extended opportunity with an offensive player, say Mika Zibanejad, and lights it up.

Who will score the most goals in 2014-15?

Mark Stone241
Mike Hoffman43
Curtis Lazar34
Don't know2
Decline ballot2

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