Sterling Predictions: Jason Spezza's Return

The fifth in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post asks about Jason Spezza's return to Ottawa.

How will Jason Spezza be treated by fans when he returns to the Canadian Tire Centre?

Mrs. O: He'll be treated fine. He'll have mostly cheers but some boos as well.

Sheer Craziness: Loud cheering. Fans don't begrudge Spezza anything at this point. If the Stars are in a playoff spot, and the Sens aren't, we might even get the chance to hear people cheer for Spezza and boo the Sens.

Peter: A standing ovation at the introduction, then a spattering of cheers or boos when he touches the puck during the game.

Ian: It won't be as warm a welcome as Alfie, but it won't be a sour welcoming. He'll get a standing ovation and a few fans will boo him whenever he touches the puck. It would definitely make it easier if Chiasson is ripping it up for the first half of the season.

B_T: There will be some boos, but overall I think he'll be treated well.

Michaela: Considering some booed him while he was still in Ottawa, I expect there to be a mix of cheers and boos, with an emphasis on boos. In a perfect world, fans would treat him with a little more respect.

Adnan: Jason Spezza will get a standing ovation.

Nkb: Spezza will be cheered during the intros, booed when he scores on the power play and cheered when he has a giveaway at the blue line that allows the Sens to tie the game late. Fans will remain divided on his legacy.

Amelia: The majority of fans will cheer Spezza when he returns to Ottawa, but there will be a spattering of boos which will persist throughout the game.

Ary: Despite his mixed treatment by this fan base, Giggles has provided us with some great moments and will receive a standing-O during the first TV timeout. I still think he'll be booed when he touches the puck, especially on the PP, and will be extremely motivated to score.

When Jason Spezza returns to Ottawa for the first time as a member of the Dallas Stars, will you...

Standing ovation166
Politely clap52
Remain neutral12
Uhh no look drop passes40
Not sure7
Decline my ballot5

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