Sterling Predictions: Daniel Alfredsson's swan song?

Welcome to this year&#39;s Prediction Panel, where the <em>Silver Seven</em> staff blatantly attempt to make guessing look like foresight! Our latest: Will Daniel Alfredsson hang &#39;em up after this season, or does he have another year of hockey in the tank?

It's day four of our 2013 Prediction Panel, where the Silver Seven staff take a look at some of the biggest questions we think are facing the Ottawa Senators and try to fill in the blanks with knowledge! We've already looked at a key battle among forwards, the team's depth at goaltending, and who from Binghamton might step up.

Today, though, we address our most painful question. None of us want to talk about this, but predictions can't always be rosy. So, Is this Daniel Alfredsson's last year? (Cop out penalty/bonus: If you say yes, you must also name all the team captain and alternates for next year.)


Yes Alfie will retire. Jason Spezza will be the captain. Chris Phillips and Erik Karlsson will be the alternates.


I was convinced Alfie would retire after last year. I thought his concussion in the playoffs really dissuaded him. I think this short season is going to keep him fresh and invigorated, but it's going to become more and more obvious that he's slowing down, so this it. Jason Spezza takes the reins, and Chris Phillips and Chris Neil take on the A's. Karlsson has to wait.


I hope not, but probably. I honestly think Alfie has another year in him. I've been in the minority who think he should get a chance at a cup with a contender and should be traded, but he'll stick around, retire, and Spezza, Phillips and Karlsson will take over, though I think it's a toss up between Spezza and Karlsson for captain. Dark horse candidate: Silfverberg kills a guy to demonstrate his dedication to the team, is named captain, becomes our own personal Gabriel Landeskog.




I'm going to say yes. If I'm wrong on this, Alfredsson's coming back and I won't care if I got this prediction wrong. This will be Spezza's team in 2013/2014 and I don't really get how people still argue over whether he deserves it. Phillips will keep his A, Karlsson will have earned one.


It's Alfredsson's last year, and that really hurts to admit for me. Next year's captain will be Spezza, and the alternates will be Philips and Karlsson.


Daniel Alfredsson will play for the last time this season. Jason Spezza will be named captain in early in the off season, Phillips will retain his A for one more year, Erik Karlsson will add one.


Yes. Captain next year will be Spezza, and the assistants will be Phillips and Neil.


I want so so so so so badly to say no. But facts are facts and I have to say yes. It was too close a call this summer. Captain: Jason Spezza Alternates: Chris Phillips and Erik Karlsson

Yikes. We have a quorum, and it doesn't hold out hope to watch Alfie play hockey next year. Peter holds the torch for one more year, and it is a lonely burden. What do you say?

Does Daniel Alfredsson retire after this year?


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