Sterling Predictions: Craig Anderson

The second in a series of eight articles featuring Silver Seven Staff predictions for the 2014-15 season, today's post addresses Craig Anderson's upcoming season.

How many games will Craig Anderson play this season? How many will he win?

Mrs. O: Craig Anderson will play 51 games this season and will win 29 of them.

Sheer Craziness: Andy will start 46 games this season, slightly down from 52 starts last season. He will win 21.
(Side note: anyone else notice that Andy had 52 starts last season, but only 53 games played? Lehner had 30 starts, but 36 games played. Guess Andy was pulled 6 times, but Lehner only 3.)

Peter: 54 games, 28 wins.

Ian: I'm thinking that Anderson will start just over half the games, 47. He'll end up winning 24 of them.

B_T: 52 games. Win 29 of them.

Michaela: 60 games, 32 wins.

Adnan: Craig Anderson will start 41 games and win 21.

Nkb: Anderson will appear in 52 games of which 49 will be starts. He'll be good for 24 wins and a .916 SV%. Bonus prediction: Lehner will steal more starts as the season progresses and we'll have a full-fledged controversy on our hands by March with the Sens on the fringe of the playoffs and MacLean needing to get in to save his job.

Amelia: Andy will play 39 and win 20. He'll get injured and loose the starter's job.

Ary: Anderson appeared in 53 games last season, and with the front-office staff saying that Lehner should see more ice-time this season, I'm going to put Anderson's appearances at 50 this year, with 45 starts and 24 wins. I'm going to copy Nate a bit and say that a majority of his starts will come in the first half of the season, before Lehner takes over - mainly just because I'm very high on Lehner.

How many games will Craig Anderson win in 2014-15?

Less than 206
Between 20-2441
Between 25-2985
Between 30-3453
Don't know3

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