Sterling Predictions: Bonus Frenzy Time!

This year's Prediction Panel, where the Silver Seven staff blatantly attempt to make guessing look like foresight, concludes!

In a few hours, we'll be watching hockey. Until then, the staff goes nuts.

Bonus Frenzy Round:  What will be the biggest surprise this year? (It could be a breakout player, blindside trade, Paulrus shaving--do not limit your mind!)

Amelia: Shane Prince will join the team as an injury replacement in late November and will stick, out-scoring fellow rookie sensation Jean-Gabriel Pageau by 3 points and Prince will finish as a Calder nominee.

Mark: Despite Erik Karlsson being the only member of the team even nominated for a major award (and not winning), the Ottawa Senators represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final.

Adnan: Jean-Gabriel Pageau still not a lock to make the team, will score 35+ points this season.

Bonk's Mullet: Milan Michalek ft. das neue Knie will score his career high in goals.

Peter: Andre Petersson plays more than 30 games with the big squad.

Dave: My answer last year is impossible to beat, so this year I'm sure I'll look like a chump. I'll predict Kyle Turris scores the second most goals on the team this year.

Ryan (Live from the Ragnarok world tour): The biggest surprise will be Peter Regin having a healthy season for the Islanders. Or if you want a specifically Senators answer, Jim O'Brien is claimed off waivers by someone.

Darren: Milan Michalek will be replaced on the top line a few weeks into the season.

There you have it. My friends, it has been a very long offseason, and we have earned the fun we'll have tonight. We've earned the fun we'll have in this thread. Let's have at it!

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