Sterling Predictions: Bobby Ryan

This year's Prediction Panel, where the Silver Seven staff blatantly attempt to make guessing look like foresight, continues!

Bobby Ryan cost the Ottawa Senators a first round pick and two good players in Jakob Silfverberg and Stefan Noesen. His presence gives the Senators their most formidable top line since the Daniel Alfredsson - Jason Spezza - Dany Heatley years. He joined the team the same day Alfie departed it. There's probably no one on the roster who has higher expectations laid at their feet. So, let's talk about Bobby Ryan.

Bobby Ryan will score __ goals this year.

Amelia: Bobby Ryan will score 72 goals.

Mark: 41. Book it. He'll get tons of power play time and he's never gotten to play with someone as dynamic as Erik Karlsson. He won't have to make plays by himself to score goals.

Adnan: Bobby Ryan will score 38 goals.

Bonk's Mullet: Bobby Ryan will score 38 goals this year. I think Erik Karlsson's influence, not Spezza's will be the one to increase his former totals.

Peter: Yes, he will. Oh, you want a number? Alright, Bobby Ryan will score 39 goals this year.

Dave: 33, and people will be upset (unfairly). I know one day he may score 40 or 50 with us. But this year, I'll say 33 and hope I'm wrong.

Ryan (pausing from broadaxe shopping to answer): 35.

Darren: 36. He'll beat his old career high of 35 due to more time on ice, particularly on the power play.

Look how short this one was! You see that, numbers people? That's what you get when you only talk about numbers. Nerds!

How many goals will Bobby Ryan score this year?

Less than 3025
More than 39180
Somewhere between 30-39, but I want to name a specific number in the comments161
I won't be beholden to your arbitrary ranges and choose to name my own number in the comments15

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