Silver Seven’s 2022 Top 25 Under 25: Reader Voting

Who will emerge as the successor to Thomas Chabot?

The Ottawa Senators have had a monster of an offseason so far, bringing in proven NHL talent — without taking a hit to their prospect pool. It’s time once again to see just how well their young talent stacks up among the league’s best, in the 2022 edition of Silver Seven Sens’ Top 25 Under 25!

For the first time since 2017, we will have a new name in the top spot, as Thomas Chabot retires from eligibility after an impressive five-straight first-place finishes.

Will the electrifying Tim Stützle step up in his place? Could this finally be Brady Tkachuk’s year? Or will the newly acquired Alex DeBrincat swoop in and steal the crown?

To decide, we turn once again to the bane of the Google Form’s existence — SurveyHero.

The form can be accessed through this link. As for a reminder of how it works:

Just drag the options from left to right, and arrange the twenty-five players on your ranking in the desired order. Importantly, you only have to rank twenty-five in this group. For anyone outside of your list, simply click the ‘x’ icon next to their name to remove them. You won’t be able to submit the form until you do this. If you remove a player with ‘x’ and change your mind after, just navigate to the bottom of the player list, find the deleted player highlighted in red, and click the ‘+’ icon next to their name.

Voting will close at 12:00 PM EST on Saturday, August 6th, so get your votes in before then! Look for the countdown to start soon thereafter!

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