Silver Seven Sens Roll Call

It's the start of a new year, so learn a bit more about your staff - and tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello everyone, and happy 2016! Though the new year began more than week ago, for many people normalcy doesn't really set in until this week. As the start of a new year, we thought it was a good time to remind you about all of us here at S7S. Here's a quick introduction to your staff:

Ross A

- Where you live: Calgary, AB
- Favourite feature on the site: Five Thoughts. It's like speed dating, except with interesting topics. So a lot better than most of my dates.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Ron Tugnutt. For real.

- Chocolate or chips? Probably chocolate. Though if you alternate between sweet and salty snacks, you can keep snacking forever.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Not play Jared Cowen. And make the playoffs. Those two may be related.

Michaela Schreiter

- Where you live: Ottawa

- Favourite feature on the site: I love Silver Nuggets! All the Sens information and links you need in once place, with commentary on some of the current issues regarding the team. A lot of work goes into it (Thanks Ary and Ross!) and it's such a useful feature for readers.

- Favourite all-time Senator: Chris Campoli, obviously. (jk - Daniel Alfredsson)

- Chocolate or chips? Cool Ranch Doritos, any day of the week.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Please, for the love of God, sign Mike Hoffman!!


- Where you live: Brampton, Ontario.
- Favourite feature on the site: The negative articles because I am a bad fan.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Erik Karlsson and it isn't close.
- Chocolate or chips? Chocolate by far, chips are gross and you are a bad person if you like them.
- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Re-sign Mike Hoffman.

Trevor Shackles

- Where you live: Richmond, BC
- Favourite feature on the site: Five Thoughts. It's easy to write because you can write about so many topics, but it's also great to read because it's like a mini-version of Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Erik Karlsson. Tough choice between him and Jason Spezza, but this guy is going to be the first *absolute* shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.
- Chocolate or chips? Chocolate. Just give me any chocolate that isn't dark, although chips are great too.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Trade for a defenseman that we can all agree is good (aka not Kris Russell).

Ary M

- Where you live: Whitby, Ontario (which is really close to Toronto and the unfortunate home of Joe Nieuwendyk)
- Favourite feature on the site: Brad’s Week Ahead!
- Favourite all-time Senator: I became a Sens fan because of Martin Havlat back in '01, but Erik Karlsson is my favourite all-time. Other favourites are Shawn McEachern and Chris Kelly!
- Chocolate or chips? Chips - I’m lactose intolerant

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Make the defence better by giving up on Jared Cowen and signing/acquiring a defensemen that we all agree is good!

Callum Fraser

- Where you live: In the nation's capital - Kanata.
- Favourite feature on the site: I enjoy the game recaps because other than newspapers, Silver Seven is the only place you can really find a consistent flow of post game articles. But I love it when we go outside of the everyday posts and create something original.
- Favourite all-time Senator: If you don't say Daniel Alfredsson, you're crazy. Or you're likely Adnan.
- Chocolate or chips? Other than cheesecake, plain milk chocolate is the best dessert/snack/whatever. Wait. What about a chocolate cheesecake, can I say that?

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Making the playoffs is always the goal. So that. Of course, they'll likely lose in the first round and then it will cause the team to brag about how they had a great season and they'll slip further into mediocrity than they already are and the cycle will just keep continuing over and over and over and over and over. But yeah. Playoffs seems fun.

Jeff Ulmer

- Where you live: Binghamton, NY USA
- Favourite feature on the site: Bingo Bites, when work allows me.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Out of the trio of roommates Ray Emery, Jason Spezza and Brian McGrattan back in the early years, I'd say Emery. He was extremely cordial chatting with him afterwards. Players would be downtown celebrating in a local tavern and I recall saying to him "Nice game Ray" on more than a few occasions and he would stop and have a brief conversation about the game. He's really a down to earth guy despite what others may think.
- Chocolate or chips? Since I make my living selling chips, then ya chips. (Editor's note: I feel like this deserves more than a single sentence)

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: Play consistent hockey and make a season out of it. Playoffs look to be out of the question so I would like some competitiveness from the team from here on out.

Peter Raaymakers

- Where you live: Ottawa
- Favourite feature on the site: Probably Five Thoughts... the format is pretty great.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Daniel Alfredsson
- Chocolate or chips? Depends on the day, but probably more often chips. You know what's truly a tragedy? The discontinuation of salt and vinegar Ruffles. I'm not sure there is any better snack than salt and vinegar Ruffles with a Pepsi Lime.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: The same thing I've wanted the Sens to do for the better part of the last decade: Acquire a second legitimate top-pairing defenceman. Can they do that? Is there even such a player out there and available? I'm not sure, but it's definitely a huge void in the organization (if you don't believe me, look who's partnered with Erik Karlsson right now).


- Where you live: Kingston
- Favourite feature on the site: Five Thoughts. A great conversation starter that gets various opinions on various topics.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Started out as McEachern, then Hossa, then of course Alfie.
- Chocolate or chips? All Dressed Ruffles. I could eat those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: I hope they grab a playoff spot. Nothing beats playoff hockey, and I absolutely hate watching meaningless hockey or cheering for my team to lose.


- Where you live: Toronto
- Favourite feature on the site: Five thoughts is my favourite recurring feature, but my favourite part of the site is the one-off opinion and analysis pieces. There have been many interesting and thought-provoking articles over the years.
- Favourite all-time Senator: Every year that Erik Karlsson plays, it becomes harder and harder to not have him at number 1. Alfredsson and Hossa are also contenders so you could say I'm conflicted.
- Chocolate or chips? Good chocolate is so far and away better than good chips that this shouldn't even be a question.

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season: I'd like to see them continue to give chances to their young, skilled prospects to contribute in the NHL. The top half of this team is very good, and filling in the bottom part with eager, speedy young players will not only let the Sens figure out what they really have in their system but is also their best chance to get back into the play-off picture.

Also, since it's the start of a new year, here's a quick reminder of the community guidelines:

"Post your opinions. Disagree with others. Be respectful of others, even if you disagree with them. Everything done on this site must be done in a respectful manner."

People are encouraged to disagree, but we'd rather you argue against opinions rather than putting down people.

So now it's your turn: tell us about yourself!

- Your name and where you live (if you feel comfortable sharing)
- Favourite feature on the site
- Favourite all-time Senator
- Chocolate or chips?

- One thing you'd like to see the Sens do in the second-half of the season

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