Silver Seven Sens on the Radio

Callum Fraser was on TSN 1200's Advanced Chats on Sunday

Our own Callum Fraser was back for his second round on TSN 1200's Advanced Chats with Ian Mendes. You can find the audio here. The two talk about a variety of things, including the Dion Phaneuf trade, drafting and developing goalies, and the draw of Jonathan Drouin. As with every episode of Advanced Chats, it's well worth a listen.

Additionally, I (Ross) got the chance to be on Arctic Ice Hockey's weekly podcast this past Sunday, the audio for which can be found here. (I come in just after the 49-minute mark.) They had Achariya of Pension Plan Puppets on before me, so both of us were asked questions about the Phaneuf trade. I also talked about Mike Hoffman's next contract, and the unfortunate location of the Canadian Tire Centre.

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