Silver Seven Sens Mailbag: We Want Your Questions!

The Silver Seven staff will be answering your questions next week

Every year, there is always this lull after the second round of the playoffs (if the Senators are out) that lasts until the days leading up to the NHL Draft. There is only one game per day so the playoffs can seem less interesting, plus there are hardly any transactions being made, which makes online discussions quite stale. However, this is always a perfect time to get the readers involved.

The Silver Seven Sens Mailbag is a fun tradition that we like to do where the staff have a chance to answer any or all of your burning questions surrounding the Ottawa Senators. Perhaps you’re wondering about the expansion draft, trades, the NHL Draft, hypothetical scenarios, or maybe just something way out there that nobody else would think of. Whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll be happy to answer it.

We will be responding to them at the end of the week, with articles being published next week, and we usually run at least a few articles due to the volume of questions being asked. You can ask your question(s) in the Google Form below and include your name/username if you’d like. We just ask that you keep your questions to 1-2 sentences if possible because some of the long questions can be difficult to answer all at once. If you have multiple questions though, feel free to submit more than one.

Thank you, and hopefully we will be able to answer your questions well!

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