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Silver Seven School

Learn all about NHL hockey!

NHL Expansion Draft Rules - A Primer

A guide to all of the ins and outs of the Las Vegas Expansion Draft

Understanding Betting Odds

A little piece explaining what betting odds mean, and how the information they provide can be useful.

Silver Nuggets: Websites for Hockey Analysis

A list of useful websites for all of you if you want to start analyzing your favourite teams, players, and prospects! Also, a packed Nuggets with a week's worth of Sens + league links!

Silver Nuggets: Advanced Stats

A lot of Sens links, plus an explanation of some of the most common concepts in advanced stats.

Tactical Formations: Zone Entries

We continue our Oh Man, the Summer is Way Too Long series with a look at the many, many... many ways to enter the offensive zone.

Tactical Formations: 5-On-3 PP and PK

In this edition of Oh Man, the Summer is Way Too Long, we take an in-depth look at the two-man advantage and disadvantage.

NHL Offer Sheet Rules - A Refresher

A guide to both the basic and the complex rules involved with NHL Offer Sheets

NHL Buyout Rules - A Refresher

A guide to both the basic and the complex rules involved with buying players out

Tactical Formations: The Dump and Chase

Explaining the infamous dump and chase and contrasting it to controlled zone entries.

Tactical Formations: Powerplay

The third installment of our four part series at Silver Seven that explores the tactical side of hockey.

Tactical Formations: Penalty Kill

While the Senators weren't the most effective penalty killing team in the league, they implemented many common PK tactics. Here's a look at what kind of formations we saw this year.

Tactical Formations: The Breakout

How do NHL teams break out of their end?