Silver Seven playoff predictions contest - Round Two

Round one is over, so it is time to move on to the second rate standings. For your reference, here are the round one standings and your conference finalists and Stanley Cup champions.

You are able to change your picks for the conference finalists and Stanley Cup champions, but you will not get as many points if you do change your pick. Originally there were 25 points available for each correct conference winner and another 25 points for the correct Stanley Cup champion. The 25 points will change to 15 points for any pick that you now change.

Of course if you picked the Washington Capitals to win the east like yours truly, it is probably a good idea to take the penalty.

A summary then:

  • 10 points for correct series winner. Bonus 5 points if the number of games is correct. No points for the right number of games but the wrong team.
  • Conference winners and cup winner bonus will be reduced to 15 points from 25 if it changed. This will be the last round in which you are allowed to change your pick.


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