Silver Seven playoff contest winners

The season is over but we have our contest winners to announce! Drum roll please...

The series prediction contest was a close one, but in the end I still miss hossa!!! came out victorious with 205 points, five points ahead of Scott Mac. Yours truly finished in fifth place with 180 points, but in first place among the staff, making me clearly the most knowledgeable writer on here.

In the player's pool, both teamwin and redwardz had 229 points and picked the exact same 12 players. Since redwardz also came third in the series prediction contest, he has been selected as the winner. Yours truly did not do as well in this contest, making me no longer the most knowledgeable writer on here, finishing a measly 48th.

Congratulations to I still miss hossa!!! and redwardz, you both win an Ottawa Senators hat!

Full standings for players pool
Full standings for series predictions

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