Silver Seven gets a suite for Sens/Avalanche game in March

Do you want to watch a Sens game in a suite? Of course you do.

We at Silver Seven have organised a few game nights for Senators home games, this time we will try something a little different. A suite! Here are all the juicy details:

  • When: Sunday 16 March at 5:00 against the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Where: The 400-level gallery suites at the Canadian Tire Centre.
  • Why?: Because the defence could be better by then.
  • How much: $100.
  • How do I pay?: Via Interac e-transfer to the email address on my profile./

If you are interested, please send me an email with how many tickets you are interested in and when you would be able to pay. It is a bit tougher to organise this than regular tickets, so I would appreciate payment as soon as possible so I have an idea on numbers. Hopefully this can be finalised in the coming weeks.

On a semi-related note, isn't it kind of neat that we have a season ticket card for the blog?


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