End-of-Season Report Cards: Votes Revealed!

Find out how each staff member voted!

With our combined rankings finally completed, it’s time to reveal the individual ballots for Silver Seven’s End-of-Season Report Cards! Who had the most scorching hot takes? Let’s find out!

Ballots Revealed

Artem AnisimovB-C-CDCC+CB-CC
Rudolfs BalcersB-BBBBB-BBB-B
Drake BathersonBB+B+BBBBB-B-B
Mikkel BoedkerD+FDD-D-DDD+D+D
Connor BrownB+C+A-CB+B+CB+A-B+
Filip ChlapikC+B+B-B+B-BBB-BB
Anthony DuclairB+BA-C+A-B+BB+B+B-
Tyler EnnisBB+BB+C+BBA-A-B
Jayce HawrylukC+BBBBB-BA-A-B
Vladislav NamestnikovB-CC+D+CCDC+CC
Jean-Gabriel PageauA-AAA-A+A-AA-AA-
Nick PaulBC+B+B+B+C+CB+A-B
Matthew PecaCCCCC-DCCC+C+
Bobby RyanB-CC+CCB-BC+C+C+
Scott SabourinCFC-FDD-DCD+F
Chris TierneyBCB-C-B-B-DC+BB-
Brady TkachukA-AA+A-AA-AAAA
Colin WhiteC+CC+C-CCAB-CB-
Mark BorowieckiBCB-D+C+CCB+BB+
Thomas ChabotA-B+AA-A-A-AB+A-A-
Dylan DeMeloB+AAAB+B+AA-A-A-
Andreas EnglundC-FDFFD-FDD+F
Cody GoloubefC-FDFFD-FCDD
Ron HainseyC+DC+FD-D-DC+C+C
Christian JarosCDC-DD-C-CD+C-C-
Mike ReillyB-B+B-B+C+B-BB-A-B-
Nikita ZaitsevC+FC-FD-FFD-D-C
Craig AndersonC+CCC-BC+BC-CC-
Marcus HogbergB+BA-B+BBBBA-B+
Pierre DorionB+BA-BC-BCB-A-B

Be sure to stay tuned for the beginning of the two-part roundtable! Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what you think of our ballots! Stay safe!

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