Silver Nuggets: Win one for Alfie?

Should the Senators go for broke to get Daniel Alfredsson a Cup?

How much does one Cup win mean? How much does it mean if it's to see Daniel Alfredsson lift it?

Let's say that next year, hypothetically, the Senators make several trades to bring in top-end talent, spend to the cap, and win the whole thing. Alfie skates the Cup and retires on top. The extended playoff run covers the team's expenses for the year, but they can't sustain that level of spending for another year.

The Cup champions are therefore immediately broken up. With an increased cap the following year, teams who can better absorb cap hits are able to pluck stars away from the team for pennies on the dollar. The Senators have traded away most of their best prospects to win the Cup--the cupboards are bare again. The team is left with Erik Karlsson and no one. It's a rebuild essentially from scratch, and the team is looking at years of lottery picks before it returns to the playoffs. But they won one for Alfie.

Would you be willing to suffer through a true rebuild--not a retooling like we saw in 2011, but a start from the very bottom--if it meant one Cup win before the captain retired? To mortgage everything for a taste of glory? To stomach years of a bad team losing a lot of games?

I don't think I know the answer to this question for myself. I like to think I would sit through dark years just as I did in the early 90's, but the fact is I wasn't as emotionally attached to the team in those days. Could a Cup win really be enough to sustain me into years of telling myself there's a light at the end of the tunnel after another night of getting bombed 7-3? I don't enjoy losing. I don't enjoy recapping losses. I don't enjoy banging the drum of optimism to try and drown out a chorus of negativity. I don't enjoy the way expectations skew wildly from moment to moment. Two years ago, it was just about winning the draft lottery. Now it's about contending for the Stanley Cup. It's very bipolar: The Sens should either be contending for the Cup or stockpiling top picks like the Penguins (but not like the Oilers) to contend for the Cup. Anything else is unacceptable.

It seems to me that the expectation of our fanbase is simple: Always Be Winning. So... how much is winning worth to you?

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NHL Links

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  • The Coyotes are staying in Phoenix for a few more years, because the City of Glendale is willing to swallow their mistake. This had to happen--the city had invested too much in the construction of Arena to lose its primary tenant. They were pot-committed from the minute they broke ground. [AZ Republic]
  • Elliotte Friedman thinks that the nature of the CBA is finally going to start putting enough pressure on GMs to break the taboo of the offer sheet. He also has 30 other thoughts. He should make a running column out of that idea. [CBC]

Would you give up everything the Senators have built for a guaranteed Cup win next year if it meant starting from scratch the year after?

Yes, onward to glory!127
No, we've worked too hard to rebuild the pipeline.87

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