Silver Nuggets: Who should play with Erik Karlsson?

Erik Karlsson is one of the NHL's premier star players. He has world-class offensive ability, and is the best defenseman in the league at moving the puck out of his zone. As Erik Karlsson goes, so to do the fortune of the Ottawa Senators. Unfortunately, the team does not have a bonafide first-pairing defender to play with him, and lacks established top-four defenders - with Marc Methot the only other candidate that most would agree on. However, that doesn't mean that Methot is the only candidate to play with Our Special Little Guy (thanks, Adnan), as despite their similar ice-time, have found themselves playing with other partners at some point. In this Nuggets post, we're going to examine three of Karlsson's potential partners. I'd love to hear who you think he should play with in the comments!

TOI together

With Karlsson

Karlsson when apart

Teammate when apart



Exp GF%



Exp. GF%



Exp. GF%

Marc Methot











Jared Cowen











Patrick Wiercioch











(statistics from Hockey Analysis, Expected GF% numbers from Progressive Hockey)

This kind of table is commonly called a "With-or-without-you" table - and no, we are not talking about the U2 song. The purpose is to measure a certain player's performance with and without a certain player, specifically in terms of how much ice-time they spend together, as well as their goals and shot attempt ratios when the two players are together, and apart from each other. Due to goal numbers fluctuating constantly and not always under a player's control, the CF% number which looks at shot attempts is often a better indicator of how players performed, mainly because there are way more shot attempts in a game than goals in a game. The last column, Expected GF%, is a new stat that's shown on Matt Pfeffer's new site, Progressive Hockey. Pfeffer, the Director of Analytics for the Ottawa 67s, developed this stat by examining factors that go into the likelihood of each individual shot attempt becoming a goal, and more information on his model can be found here. Now let's get to the fun stuff - analysis!

This data looks at the data from 2012-14 in order to enlarge the sample. The pairing of Methot - Karlsson together has some very good results when we look at shot attempts (CF%) - around 2.3% higher than the pairing of Cowen - Karlsson together. One of the pros of looking at GF% and Expected GF% is it helps lessen the effect of luck that we see with raw GF% numbers. According to actual GF%, the Senators score only 43.2% of the goals when the Methot - Karlsson pairing is on the ice, compared to 48.9% for Cowen - Karlsson. However, taking other factors into account, we would expect Methot - Karlsson to be around the much more respectable 52% number, whereas Cowen and Karlsson suffer a bit - staying under the 50% threshold mark.

Interestingly, when Karlsson is not playing with Methot, his CF% drops, so the Senators are getting less shot attempts with X - Karlsson compared to when Methot - Karlsson are on the ice. We see the reverse pattern with Jared Cowen, as Karlsson is actually doing better in both CF% and Exp. GF% when he's not playing with Cowen - evidence that suggests that the two shouldn't play together.

When looking at Methot and Cowen's numbers away from Karlsson, we see the drastic effect that playing with one of the league's premier offensive defenseman has, as both defenders are under the 50% threshold mark in CF%, meaning that the Senators are being out-attempted when these two defenders are on the ice without Erik Karlsson present. We like using CF% or shot attempts as an indicator of future performance compared to GF% numbers, which is why they're being emphasized despite Methot and Cowen's positive GF% ratio away from Karlsson - I'd expect those positive GF% numbers to drop if Methot and Cowen continue to be on the losing end of the shot attempt battle.

One player who we haven't talked about is Patrick Wiercioch, who is posting tremendous numbers with Karlsson, albeit in only 69 minutes of ice-time together. 69 minutes is a very small sample, so although these results are encouraging and way better than Methot - Karlsson, Cowen - Karlsson, they need to be taken with a large grain of salt. The pairing might be worth trying though, as although the Senators won't be scoring 85.7% of the goals when they're on the ice - more likely to be closer to the 56% Expected GF% number - it's still better than the numbers with Methot and Cowen, especially when you include shot attempts. I suspect that part of the reason for this could be that Wiercioch - Karlsson may be on the ice together solely for offensive zone faceoffs in situations where the Senators are desperate for a goal, which increase the chance of shot attempts turning into goals, but even so, this is evidence that the two should at least be together in those situations.

Now to ask you folks - who do you think Erik Karlsson should primarily play with this season and why?


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Thanks for reading!

Who should be Erik Karlsson's primary defensive partner this year?

Marc Methot53
Jared Cowen29
Patrick Wiercioch116

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