Silver Nuggets: Which NHL franchise, other than Ottawa, would you like to see win?

The inspiration for today's Nuggets topic comes from the pain in my heart after watching Washington lose on Wednesday night. Maybe it's the capital connection, or the beautiful jerseys, or the fellow world-class superstar who's game is often questioned, but I love the Caps.

Thus, I wanted to ask all of you: do you have another NHL franchise that you'd love to see win? Not an individual player, but a team that you'd be completely happy seeing win the Cup over any team (other than the Senators, of course).


Sens Links

  • Now that all the grades are in, you can see how each member of Silver Seven ranked each player! I happened to be the closest to the average grades, so hopefully none of you have any problems with my grades. It's also your chance to grade players, and we'll start with one of the biggest question marks, Robin Lehner. [Silver Seven - Grades, Lehner]
  • Speaking of Robin Lehner, Nichols has a wonderful piece with some comparables for Lehner. Given where he ranks on that list, I don't think the organization should trade the big Swedish netminder. Jack compares the Lehner situation to the Ben Bishop one from a couple of years ago, and warns about making the same mistake twice. [6th Sens, SenShot]
  • Trevor looks at Ottawa's track record with college free agents. [SenShot]
  • The biggest Sens news of the week came out yesterday when the Senators disclosed the health troubles currently facing owner Eugene Melnyk. I signed up to be a potential donor yesterday, and would recommend anyone interested to do the same. You never know when you could help save a life. [Ottawa Senators, Silver Seven, 6th Sens, SensChirp, Ottawa Citizen, Feature on Melnyk's time as owner]
  • A UFA profile on Justin Williams, one of the more intriguing names out there if Murray and co. would like to acquire a top six forward. [SenShot]
  • James has some player grades of his own, this time with some fantastic (and laugh out loud) thoughts on the forwards. [WTYKY]
  • Jack has a couple of fun posts by looking at point totals from the 2010 + 2008 entry drafts to highlight the success of Mark Stone and Erik Karlsson respectively. Trevor then ranks all of Bryan Murray's drafts at the helm of the Senators. Do you agree with his ranking? [SenShot - 2010 Re-draft, 2008 Re-draft, Ranking Murray's drafts]
  • An update for those participating in the the Silver Seven playoff pool! [Silver Seven]

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