Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely: Turris vs. Alfie vs. Silfver

I had a crazy amount of fun writing a series we called WIML in the summer. I figured it would be fun to bring it back for a fun midseason question.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with WIML, it works like this: I pose a question, explain a couple options, add a poll. You vote and in the comments back up your choice with vim, vigour and intelligence. The next day in the nuggets, I feature the best comment. It is great fun.

Today, I ask a simple question; with 15 games to go and a trio of forwards tied for the goal scoring lead, which is more likely: that Jakob Silfverberg or Kyle Turris or Daniel Alfredsson finish the season with the most goals.

Silfver: Much digital ink on this site has been directed towards Silfver lovin'. He's the man. He seems to be coming into his own, and the fact that he's in the conversation with a former 3rd overall pick and THE legend himself while being a rookie speaks volumes about his future. But is the future now?

Turris: Is there a more talented player on this Ottawa Senators club who is more unlucky than Kyle Turris? (Injured players aside of course...). It seems every game Turris manages to create chances for himself and his linemates. Sometimes he gets robbed by a goalie, sometimes he hits the post, sometimes he hits the post twice on the same shot (seriously what the eff was that!?). He has already had a huge dry spell this season, but still shares the lead in goals. Barring another slump, should be be primed to take the outright goal lead?

Alfie: Here is the problem with this poll. Because Alfie is God, you are compelled to vote for him. But because of his continued stellar play, even at his age, I have to include him. Quietly, the Captain has gone about his business this season and looks like he is finding his groove, especially on the powerplay with Turris and Sergei Gonchar. He still has the touch, and he has the experience, will it be him?

The rules are simple, you must pick ONLY one, and back it up. Which is more likely?

Sens Links

  • An aptly titled recap, the Sens Steal from the Devils. While it looked like the Sens were skating in mud most of the game, they found a way to get two points and I love them for it. [SSS][Warren]
  • Post game quotes and stats. Overall feeling? Got away with one. [SE]
  • Scoring chances from the game against the Lightning. Tough game for the 4th Line and Zack Smith. [6thSens]
  • Great news as Craig Anderson took shots in practice yesterday. No timetable for his return, but it is a step in the right direction. [SE]
  • Shocker, recently retired Alex Kovalev regrets signing with the Senators. [6thSens]
  • And last but certainly not least. An article about Erik Karlsson and how he isn't ruling out a return for playoffs. I'm doubtful, but that'd be unreal. Also, is it just me or was his interview with Ian Mendes the best he's ever done? he sounded so well-spoken. [SE]

Go Sens!

Who is the most likely to lead the team in goals at the end of the season?

Kyle Turris70
Daniel Alfredsson49
Jakob Silfverberg122

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