Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: Turris vs Gonchar

Welcome to the "which is more likely?" Nuggets series! It is the summer months, so one must get creative when there aren't many things to write about.

This idea came to me when recently I noticed that the Nuggets have become a place where you, our beloved community members are churning out some excellent opinions. It has, on several posts, created some excellent debate and dialogue.

So, each day in the Nuggets, for the next 10 days or so, I will provide two scenarios for the upcoming season related to specific players, and there will be a poll where you can vote which is more likely. Be sure to comment in addition to your votes to sway others to the more likely scenario. The best-articulated (and most rec'd) comment will be featured the next day in the Nuggets. At the end of the series, we will pit the winners of each day against one another and come to a consensus prediction for the upcoming year.

Today we look at two players going opposite directions in their careers, Kyle Turris and Sergei Gonchar. The question is this:

Which is more likely: Kyle Turris scores more than 20 goals OR Sergei Gonchar finishes the season in an Ottawa Senators uniform?

Turris: Kyle came over in a trade with the Phoenix Coyotes after sitting out training camp and the beginning of the season. In a shortened season he still put up career highs in goals (12) and points (29). This offseason he is spending in Ottawa working with the strength and conditioning coaches, which can only help. We know he has a rocket of a shot but was snake bitten at times last season. Can he put up more than 20 goals this season?

Gonchar: Sergei is in the final year of his deal paying him $5.5 million a season, as is coming off a season that saw him bounce back quite nicely from a miserable 2010-2011 season. He is a veteran of more than 1100 NHL games and will go down as one of the better offensive d-men of this generation. If the Senators are not in the hunt come February, Gonchar is the kind of veteran presence on the powerplay that a contending team may pay for, and Murray hasn't been shy about trying to move his contract before (allegedly). So will we still see Gonchar in a Sens uniform in game 82?

Vote, and let your opinions be heard. It does not matter if you think both are likely or neither is likely, just which you think is MORE likely.

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Sens News

  • Amelia continues her Senators by the numbers series with a little history lesson. Give it a read! [SSS]
  • Nice FanPost here asking where the "project" prospects of the Senators fit in to the overall depth of the team. To me, they are just that, depth. They provide competition for the more "blue-chip" guys. [SSSFanpost]
  • Bryan Murray is optimistic that Daniel Alfredsson will play during this upcoming season, which may have an impact on the voting of our poll today. Here's hoping we get full confirmation soon though! [SensExtra]
  • Kaspars Daugavins has his arbitration hearing set for July 24th. Doesn't look good for him though. [SensExtra]
  • Chris Neil says he cannot picture playing anywhere else, which is good, because I'd hate to have to play against him. [Sens]
  • Chris Neil is re-signed, but Bryan Murray realizes that his team toughness has taken a hit with the loss of Zenon Konopka and Matt Carkner through free agency. [Warren]
  • Hilarious and enjoyable article over at Welcome to Your Karlsson Years. These guys need more web hits so they continue turning out stuff like this. The creativity is amazing. [WTYKY]

League News

  • If you haven't seen this story yet, Cam Jansson is a complete idiot. [PuckDaddy]
  • Here's hoping Alfie goes the Teemu route as Selanne has inked up with the Ducks for another season. Mind blowing that this guy is still that good. [NHL]

Which Is More Likely?

Kyle Turris Scores more than 20 goals486
Sergei Gonchar finishes the season with Ottawa76

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