Silver Nuggets: Which is More Likely Series: Hall vs Seguin

On Friday, my lovely predecessor Adnan stepped back into the ring and pushed WIML to a new level by making the poll a 4-way fight. He looked at the roster for the upcoming season and thought that if highly touted rookies Jakob Silfverberg, Mika Zibanejad and/or Mark Stone make noise in training camp, there might be a situation where a trade is made to make room. He provided you with several options and in the end you guys and gals decided (with 45% of the vote) that Peter Regin was a likely choice (and I also voted Regin). Charliec_124 put it best (read: agreed with my reasoning):

Peter Regin

Zack Smith and JOB are safe for now – they’ve established themselves as solid bottom six guys.

Neither Regin nor Daugavins are in the Sens future plans, but I’d say Regin is more likely to be traded because of his skill set – he is projected as a top six kind of guy, and teams always want those types of players. Daugavins is a bottom three to six guy, and teams generally have enough of them anyway, so will not make a trade for them.

There you have it.

Back to the league at large this year, and we look at two young stars that will always be compared due to one simple catchy question: Taylor or Tyler? Here is today's question.

Which is more likely? That Taylor Hall scores 35 goals this season OR that Tyler Seguin breaks 80 points?

Drafted ahead of Tyler a couple seasons ago, Taylor has shown himself to be a promising goal scorer, and a reckless player. Playing only ~60 games per season in his first two years in the league, Taylor has already suffered some very unfortunate injuries. That said, in 61 games last season he put up 27 goals. Can he reach the 35 goal plateau and live up to his big new contract?

Seguin: Tyler had a coming out party last season putting up a very respectable 67 points in just his second year in the league. He plays on a better team than Taylor, but that is a double edged sword, as he is in tough to get the top line minutes that leas to an 80 point campaign, but he has some talented team mates to help him get there.

Which is more likely?


Sens News:

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Which is more likely?

Hall scores 35 goals126
Seguin scores 80 points88

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