Silver Nuggets - Which is more likely series: Butler vs. Methot

Yay, early Nuggets!

Yesterday we took a look at two of Ottawa's best forward prospects, Mika Zibanejad and Mark Stone. The voting was close, but eventually tipped in favor of Zibanejad, with 58% of you deciding it was more likely he would get 10 NHL points than Stone would play in 15 NHL games. User "The Backhander" feels Zibanejad's flexibility will get him more call-up time than Stone:


but both are quite likely in my opinion. Spots on this squad should be up for grabs. In spite of any love we might feel for players like Condra, Daugavins, O’Brien, and Regin they are hardly locks for long term NHL careers with the Senators or any team. I expect Silfverberg and Zibanejad to prove in short order that they are both suited to the NHL and more capable than many players on our current roster to make an impact in this league. Stone has the hands and being a year older than Zibanejad works in his favour. I just think that Zibby’s two way play will get him the spot on the team that he needs to win this contest.

Bonus plug for Jakob Silfverberg, who wasn't even part of the question!

Today is Friday (We so exited) and it's been a serious week of some challenging WIML questions, so we're going to have a little fun heading into the weekend and blend an Ottawa Senator versus a former Ottawa Senator--with a question I hope will still be as hard to pick a side for:

Who is more likely to have a terrible pun headline for a TSN/NHL story this year, Bobby Butler or Marc Methot?

Butler: As a forward, he's more likely to do something worthy of a headline, because scoring is what wins games. Still, as you will find out in the links, he's on a two-way contract, and not guaranteed to play in the NHL. Also, his last name offers a very limited pun range.

Methot: As a defenseman, the odds he will do something headline-worthy are low. As Erik Karlsson's probable defensive partner, the odds he will get the chance to do something headline-worthy are even lower. But it only takes one knuckleballer to win a game--just ask Matt Carkner. And Methot's last name opens a wealth of puns to even the most uncreative among us.

Think hard before voting. You want to get quoted in Monday's Nuggets? Better bring it in your reasoning.

(read on for links...)

Sens News:

  • Former Ottawa Senator Bobby Butler has signed a two-way deal with the New Jersey Devils. Zach Parise's spot will probably go to Adam Henrique, but does that leave an opportunity for the Bust to crack their lineup? I hope so. [NHL]
  • The crew from The 6th Sens take on Puck Daddy's Essentials series with the Ottawa Senators. Plenty of nostalgia and a mix of pain in there. Just like my Friday nights after drinking alone! [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of The 6th Sens, here's Nichols, bemused at how every young defensemen who can move the puck will be compared to Erik Karlsson now that Karlsson's made a name for himself with his Norris-winning season. [6th Sens]
  • Friday's phone call is with Erik Condra. He notes he has to "bear down and bury a bit more." No word on if he bought a shooter tutor to work on that. [Senators]
  • The Senators have four prospects getting ready for the 2013 World Juniors, including Stefan Noesen, who's apparently tearing it up on Team USA's top line. [Senators]

League News:

  • Storm clouds on the horizon, as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman makes makes sure everyone knows the league won't play a season without a collective bargaining agreement. I hate the guy, but let's not forget he's the mouthpiece of the owners here. Still, was there a need to publicly announce this? [TSN]
  • Nathan MacKinnon is the next next next Sidney Crosby. Suck it, John Tavares and Steven Stamkos! You're yesterday's news! [TSN]
  • Finally, former player Justin Bourne reminds all of us skill junkies why there's more to leadership and team success than just scoring points: "Nobody plays better when they’re uncomfortable, which is just another reason having a good dressing room is important." A must-read. [Backhand Shelf]

Which is more likely?

Bobby Butler-related TSN/NHL headline pun87
Marc Methot-related TSN/NHL headline pun119

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