Silver Nuggets: What would you be satisfied with this season?

This seems to be the case recently, but I stumbled onto a really interesting conversation on Twitter this morning. There's lots of talk about topics that have become commonplace for Sens fans the past few years: budget, asset management, and personnel usage. I'm not going to get into this really packed discussion today, but as the title of this post suggests, the conversation got me wondering what you, the fanbase, would be happy with the season.

We all want the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup - no question - but what I'm really interested in is what you'd be "happy" or satisfied with as a result of this season. Would you be happier with a top-5 pick or a top-10 pick? Or would you rather see this team try night-in night-out to make the playoffs but fall short? Does this team have to make the playoffs for you to be satisfied with 2014-15? Or are you more interested in the development of the young players on the roster?

I'm going to have some of these as poll options, and also include 'other' for options that I didn't suggest above. I'd love to hear your rationale for why you selected an option, and I'll play with some of these thoughts in Friday's Nuggets.


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  • In back-to-back games, teams should maximize rivalry points when choosing their goaltender. [Sportsnet]
  • The KHL is in financial turmoil, and some players aren't being paid. [The Score]/


Thanks for reading!

What would you be satisfied with as a result of the 2014-15 Sens season?

Playoffs or bust39
Top-10 draft pick85
A competitive team on a nightly basis (even if the result leaves the Sens out of the playoffs)124
Doesn't matter, once the young talent develops correctly46

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