Silver Nuggets: Update on Penalties and the Penalty Kill

It has been a tale of two special teams for the Senators the past two weeks. Earlier, I looked at Senators powerplay 0 a unit that was beginning to "struggle" in terms of performance. I presented some data and argued that the Senators were getting unlucky, as they were generating a similar amount of shots as elite teams and their shooting percentage on the powerplay was below both the league average AND their last year's average. Personally, I think the team has gone on to overthink things a lot with questionable personnel usage and systems with respect to zone entries, but again, I still believe that they are getting unlucky and will cash in soon.

To do the same analysis of the penalty kill is a bit tricker. One thing that can be looked at is goaltender save percentage -- the saying "your goaltender often has to be your best penalty killer" isn't just there for show.


2012-13 (55 goaltenders)

2013-14 (69 goaltenders)

2014-15 (44 goaltenders)

Craig Anderson

0.933 (5)

0.831 (65)

0.887 (16)

Robin Lehner

0.966 (1)

0.904 (15)

0.881 (21)

Team PK success

88% (1)

80.9% (22)

82.9% (10)

(note: the average goaltender save percentage on the penalty kill since the 2004-05 lockout is 0.875; save percentage numbers found at Hockey Analysis)

As you can see, for the Senators #1 ranked PK in 2012-13, both Anderson and Lehner were in the top-5 in save percentage whereas in 2013-14, when PK success dipped, their number one goaltender ranked 65/69 in save percentage. This year, they're both middle of the pack, which is a good thing in the sense that the success isn't based on the instability that is goaltender save percentage and instead, the unit is doing something right.

This is what the players have to say about it, via a nice piece by Ken Warren:

"When you’re called upon, you’ve got to take ownership of it," Condra says. "Going from first (in the NHL) to 22nd, that’s a little shot at your pride. We saw that, and understood."

Condra thinks it helps to have consistency in personnel. As they are getting more familiar with each other, they are getting more shorthanded offensive opportunities as well.

Ceci says the penalty kill group is encouraged to be aggressive when the opportunity is there. But Condra says that only works when all four players defending are in unison. This has been the key to the PK’s success, in his view.

"I think we’re tight and we move as one," Condra says. "And when there is pressure we all pressure. When we sit back, we stay in tight. When one guy’s going and two are staying in tight, that’s when you get in trouble. If we’re a cohesive unit, as we have been, it’s better."

One thing that will tax the PKers further would be if they're overworked, and as we saw against Tampa Bay on Monday, that can be a glaring flaw of this Senators squad. At the end of October, I looked at the Senators penalty differentials per player, taking their penalties drawn/60 and penalties taken/60 from Behind the Net. Here's the graph, with blue representing a player's numbers from 2013-14, red representing their numbers from my October update, and green representing their numbers as of January 6th, 2014.

As you can see, the top-six forwards and Erik Condra are doing really well for themselves in this regard. They have talent, and they use their skill to generate scoring chances and force the opposition to take penalties sometimes to prevent chances and goals against. The bottom six, with the exception of Condra, Michalek, and Lazar, are a tire fire with Greening, Legwand, Chiasson and Neil sporting the worst numbers among the forwards. What's interesting is that Karlsson and Ceci, both skilled puck moving defensemen, actually have the best numbers among D, and it makes me wonder whether defenseman who score more points or have a good corsi percentage (indicating puck moving ability) often have decent penalty differentials. Patrick Wiercioch throws a curveball to this hypothesis, but perhaps it's something interesting to look at nonetheless.


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