Silver Nuggets: Some Much Deserved Recognition

For a team that has been in playoff contention essentially since their first berth in 1998, the Ottawa Senators have certainly lacked when it comes to individual awards in their history. Friday's awards show that this trend could be changing.

I must say, it feels really good to get some individual accolades for good people in the Ottawa Senators organization. Sure, any hockey player or coach will tell you that they would prefer team awards (namely the Stanley Cup) over an individual award any day of the week (unless they are heading to pay day of course...). The fact is, however, that it is certainly nice to see people who represent the Senators getting league-wide recognition, something that has been unfamiliar to the franchise.

Daniel Alfredsson won the Calder Trophy in 1996, the team's first individual award. Those early years were lean, so that was understandably a unique achievement. The next award didn't come until 1999, when Jaques Martin took home Jack Adams honours for the miracles he was working behind the Ottawa bench (while putting the league to sleep).

After that? You have to wait a looooong time. Sure, Mike Fisher was nominated for a Selke, and Zdeno Chara was a finalist for the Norris Trophy. I wrote the other day that I thought Alfie should have won the Conn Smythe in the Finals year, but alas, nothing from Jaques Martin all the way until little Erik Karlsson won himself a Norris Trophy last season.

Since then? Floodgates are open! It is now in vogue for the Sens to get awards. Alfie picked up the King Clancy last year and the Mark Messier this year, and Paul MacLean won his Jack Adams that he so rightly deserved.

With Erik Karlsson young, healthy and playing at his peak, Paul MacLean working miracles, and strong goaltending, we could see a few more slide the Sens way, and I think that is long overdue, and very cool.

What do you predict the next award won by a Senator will be? And when?

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