Silver Nuggets: Sliver of Hope?

It has been bleak for some time now, but developments this weekend give (potentially) a reason for some optimism.

There is certainly a reason to be extremely cautious. There have been times in this saga in which fans have got their hopes up, most recently when the league put forth their 50-50 offer contingent on an 82 game season. When that series of negotiations got shut down in a hurry, it was easy to write off the season. When there were no talks between the 18th of October and the other day, it was hard to get excited about hockey.

But then there was an (apparent) breakthrough. Steve Fehr and Bill Daly met in an undisclosed location for hours and hours, apparently talking about core issues, and the latest is that Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman will be attending the meetings scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Now, do I think they will sit down and be best friends and find a CBA in 5 minutes? No. Do I think there is a possibility these talks break down in the same fashion as the ones we have been seeing since this whole thing started? Yes.

Do I think that this is the best chance we have had yet to maybe get some hockey this season? Yes. And I hope to God I'm right.

Sens Links

  • Eugene Melnyk has been in the news quite a lot lately with his comments about the CBA and then him claiming the Senators are Ottawa's #2 employer after the Federal Government. [6thSens]
  • Scott gives us a reason to look at the books for the Senators. [6thSens]
  • The BSens split two games with Norfolk this weekend, winning one 4-3 and losing the other 4-2. [BSens] [BSens]
  • Alfie will play in a charity game in Cornwall this week. [SensExtra]
  • Speaking of Daniel Alfredsson, he was the subject of the 6th Sens "This Day in Senators History" on Friday. Check it out for nostalgia! [6thSens]

League News

  • Meetings for NHL and NHLPA should take place Tuesday in New York. [CBC]
  • I'm inclined to agree (as I usually do) with Elliotte Friedman: The next meetings are the most critical. [CBC]

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